1. What is Consultative Health and Medicine and how are you different from other medical practices?

Consultative Health and Medicine is a unique medical practice created to provide onsite care to seniors who reside in assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care communities around the suburban Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul.  We deliver relationship-based, compassionate medical care that maximizes the health, comfort and quality of life seniors experience as residents of these communities.

Residents who designate Consultative Health and Medicine as their primary care provider have access to a team of dedicated professionals focused on providing excellence in geriatric care. Onsite health care evaluation, diagnostics and treatment are provided by physicians and certified nurse practitioners working in close collaboration with facility staff.  Bringing health care services directly to your place of residence means no more trips across town and back for medical care and can be more comfortable and convenient for the resident and their family members.

2. How do I enroll?

First, click here to visit the list of locations currently served by Consultative Health and Medicine. If the list indicates we are accepting new enrollees at your facility, click here to visit the Forms Section for an Enrollment/Registration Packet.

“We are careful to enroll only the number of patients we feel we can care for so we can provide excellent quality and health outcomes.”

Chris Johnson, MD
Consultative Health and Medicine

3. What insurances do you accept?

Consultative Health and Medicine is a Medicare participating provider and agrees to accept Medicare’s allowable charge. We directly bill Medicare and/or your insurance company. Generally, your insurance will fall into one of the following three categories:

In-Network Health Insurance Plans

Since our inception, Consultative Health and Medicine has emphasized the value to seniors of choosing health plan options that enable us to respond to your needs in the comfort and convenience of the assisted living or skilled nursing community where you reside. This is one reason we have chosen to be a network provider with UCare for Seniors, and why we encourage seniors who purchase a supplement to Medicare to compare the costs and benefits of this option with other plans. UCare Medicare Plans are rated 5 Star plans by CMS. As a result, you do not need to wait until Annual Open Enrollment, you may change to a UCare plan at the beginning of any month.

Unlike traditional Medicare supplemental insurance plans, which only process and pay insurance claims, UCare is a Medicare Advantage Plan. This type of plan allows healthcare providers and the health plan to mutually work toward goals of quality, care and service improvement that benefit seniors. UCare contracts with us to support the central role played by our nurse practitioners, keeping patient to nurse practitioner ratios low and enhancing our ability to provide attentive and personalized care for you.

For Information About Benefits, Costs and Enrollment

Call or Click UCare Medicare Plans
(612) 676-3500 or 1-877-523-1518
Our Clinic Identification Number 137260

Original Medicare, Supplemental Insurance and Non-Network Health Plans

Consultative Health and Medicine is a Medicare participating provider and accepts assignment for residents who are unable to change health plans to one of our in-network health plan options or intend to switch but have missed Medicare’s annual enrollment period. Consultative Health and Medicine is able to directly bill either Medicare or your current health plan. It may be possible to register with us while you are still with your current Medicare supplement plan and then evaluate the benefits of selecting an in-network plan. UCare Medicare Plans are rated 5 Star plans by CMS. As a result, you do not need to wait until Annual Open Enrollment, you may change to a UCare plan at the beginning of any month.

Minnesota State Health Plans:
Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO),
Medical Assistance and MSC Plus

For seniors enrolled with State of Minnesota Health Plans, such as Medical Assistance, Elderly Waiver or MSC Plus, we are in-network for the following options. We ask seniors who are enrolled with Medical Assistance to elect the combined benefits of Medicare and Medical Assistance in a “Duel Eligible” program. This allows us to assist with coordinating care. Seniors with questions about eligibility or enrollment in these programs may call the numbers listed below for more information:

UCare Dual Eligible (MSHO)
Medica DUAL Solution (MSHO)
Minnesota Senior Care Plan (MSC+)
Minnesota Senior Care Plus (MSC+)
UCare Customer Service Team
612-676-3554 or 1-800-707-1711
Clinic Identification Number 137260
Medica State Public Programs

If you have questions about enrollment, contact us at: (800) 873-0561, Ext. 12, or info@consultativehealth.com

This information is provided solely by Consultative Health and Medicine. We do not represent any health plan and are not acting on behalf of any health plan. We are providing objective information solely about how our services align with the health plan options you may have. Choosing a health plan is important, and before enrolling in any plan you should learn as much as possible about how your plan choices will impact all of your health care needs.

4. What is The Coordinated Care Model?

The Coordinated Care Model leverages the collective education, experience, skills and knowledge of everyone involved in a senior’s care – from the physicians, nurse practitioners, facility staff and ancillary caregivers to the family members and the patients themselves.

Residents who select Consultative Health and Medicine as their primary care provider have 24/7 access to a dedicated team of experienced health care professionals who believe that visiting a senior in their home environment, getting to know family members and partnering with the caregivers who observe them day-in and day-out makes a difference in the quality of care.

5. How often will the Consultative Health and Medicine team visit?

Most of the seniors we serve are enrolled in our Coordinated Care Model. With Coordinated Care, each senior’s condition is monitored by a nurse practitioner on a regular basis and whenever there is a change in health condition. On average, the nurse practitioner who serves your community is present on-site several times a week or month, depending upon the number of patients enrolled with us. Visits are more frequent if the number of patients and their health conditions require it. Staff nurses at your place of residence have the ability to reach one of our team members any time of day or night to evaluate changes in condition.

Anticipatory care visits with your nurse practitioner are scheduled generally every month, and collaborative care visits with your physician and nurse practitioner are held at periodic intervals based upon your health needs. At these appointments, your care plan and medications are reviewed. Your nurse practitioner also will visit if there is a change in your condition.

Should you require an emergency room visit or hospitalization, you will be evaluated upon your return for any change in medications or care plan.

6. If I require hospitalization, which hospitals are available to me?

Patients are able to use the hospital of their choice. During a hospitalization, we work in coordination with the hospitalist (a physician who specializes in hospital medicine) at your hospital. We strive to assure continuity of care both before and after an emergency room or hospital stay or during a temporary admission to a transitional care or rehabilitation facility.

7. How do I reach you?

The best way to reach us weekdays, nights, weekends and holidays, is by calling our main telephone number — (800) 873-0561. For urgent needs, press zero to be connected with our answering service. For non-urgent needs, please use our voicemail option.

Our Fax number to send reports and paperwork is (866) 404-2579.

8. Where is your office located?

Because we spend our time at the assisted living and skilled nursing communities where our patients reside, we do not maintain a clinical office. However, correspondence may be addressed to:

Consultative Health and Medicine
5520 Ridgewood Cove
Minnetrista, MN 55364

9. Which assisted living or skilled nursing communities are served by Consultative Health and Medicine?

For a list of Twin Cities-area assisted living or skilled nursing facilities served by Consultative Health and Medicine and the names of those currently accepting new enrollees click here.

Answering Your Questions

Do you have additional questions about how to enroll with Consultative Health and Medicine, or how we can work with you if you are unable to change your health plan coverage?  Email us at info@consultativehealth.com or call (800) 873-0561 and select “12” when prompted.  One of our team members will be in touch to answer your questions.


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