About Us

Better Care for Seniors,
Peace of Mind for Families

Consultative Health and Medicine, P.A., is a medical practice created specifically to serve the health care needs of seniors who reside in assisted living and skilled nursing communities located in suburban Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.

Our mission at Consultative Health and Medicine is to deliver attentive, relationship-based, compassionate medical care that maximizes the health, comfort and quality of life seniors experience as a resident of these communities. We also strive to provide family members with the peace of mind that accompanies knowing their loved one is being cared for by an experienced, highly trained nurse practitioner and physician team that specializes in geriatric care.

We work in close collaboration with assisted living and skilled nursing facility staff and ancillary care providers to deliver a wide variety of health care evaluation, diagnostic and treatment services – onsite in a setting that best responds to their needs and is most convenient for their family members and loved ones.

“Everything we do at Consultative Health and Medicine is about establishing a relationship with the patient and the family. Being present onsite makes it easier to meet with patients and families and to communicate about important and sometimes complex issues related to the patient’s care, prognosis and treatment options and decisions. It also makes it possible to collaborate with facility staff to enhance the quality of life for every resident we serve.”

Chris Johnson, MD
Consultative Health and Medicine