Onsite Medical Care

We’re Right Where You Live,
Which Is Right Where You Need Us to Be

We’re not like a traditional medical practice. Seniors who designate Consultative Health and Medicine as their primary care provider receive regular visits right at home from an experienced, highly trained nurse practitioner and physician team.

Here are some of the other benefits of selecting Consultative Health and Medicine:

  • Because we visit patients onsite, there are fewer trips outside the residence to receive medical care and fewer disruptions to a senior’s day and routine. There also is a reduced need for transportation and less risk of in-transit injury to the patient.
  • Being present onsite makes it easier to meet with patient families and to communicate about important and sometimes complex issues related to the patient’s care, prognosis and treatment options.
  • Our presence onsite makes it possible to collaborate with facility staff to enhance the quality of life for every resident we serve.

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