The Coordinated Care Model

Whether you already are a resident of an assisted living or skilled nursing community or a family member exploring alternatives on behalf of a loved one, chances are that quality medical care is one of your main concerns.

venn2“What happens if I get sick?”

“Who will take Dad to the doctor?”

“How will we know when Mom is ready for the next level of residential care, and how can we be sure her wishes are respected as her condition progresses?”

More and more Twin Cities seniors and their families are discovering the value of onsite medical care provided by Consultative Health and Medicine. This unique medical practice provides coordinated health care services to residents right in the comfort of their assisted living, skilled nursing or memory care facility.

“Our Coordinated Care approach, where the nurse practitioner is the main point of contact between the primary care physician, the patient and their family, and between facility staff and other health care providers, helps prevent some of the disconnects that can occur. For many people, that’s an important difference.”

Deb Mike, RN, CNP
Consultative Health and Medicine

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