Erin Emerson Egginton, DO, MPH

Erin Emerson Egginton’s interest in a medical career started with a fascination around how things work, from auto mechanics to the human body.

“Growing up, I wanted to understand how things work, and then translate that into understandable English,” she says. “That led, initially, to my decision to get a Master’s degree in Public Health so I could impact local, and even international, communities.”

However, she wanted to understand more about medicine, and its terms. “So off to medical school I went.”

After becoming a DO, Dr. Egginton chose to work with patients in long-term care and hospice. Upon meeting Consultative Health and Medicine’s Dr. Chris Johnson and nurse practitioner Bree Jensen, she was impressed with their integrity, and real and caring approach to their geriatric patients. “I knew they were my kind of people.”

Dr. Egginton considers herself an educator who focuses on listening to her patients and families. In addition to her work with Consultative Health and Medicine, Dr. Egginton is a medical director for Brighton Hospice.

“The people I care for have so much life experience and history, and are delights to work with,” says Dr. Egginton. “They really understand choice and consequences, and my job is to help them make the most educated decisions possible.”

Outside of work, she and her husband, Ryan, stay busy with three active boys. As a family, they travel, and are always open to new experiences. She also enjoys gardening, and donating her homegrown produce to a local community group.

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