Residents of senior communities who select Consultative Health and Medicine as their primary care provider have convenient access to a dedicated team of experienced, highly trained physicians and nurse practitioners who specialize in geriatrics.

“Visiting residents on a regular basis in the environment where they are living day to day makes sense for all kinds of reasons. It’s more convenient for the residents and their families, and because we really get to know our patients and their medical conditions, we are more likely to identify and prevent problems.”

Lisa Burns, RN, CNP
Consultative Health and Medicine

Medical Care Delivered Directly to Your Residence

Although seniors who reside in full-time care communities often have access to basic nursing and other resources, family members generally are responsible for arranging doctor’s appointments and transporting the resident to and from them. This becomes difficult when a senior suffers from a serious physical ailment or memory loss – or when family members live far away or find it difficult to coordinate frequent offsite appointments.

Consultative Health and Medicine provides onsite care for seniors who reside at assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care communities. Our unique Coordinated Care Model provides seniors the medical care they need, when they need it, and in the setting that best responds to their needs.

“Most of our residents with dementia don’t like to leave their surroundings, so having them stay here and have a nurse practitioner or the doctor come to them works better for everyone involved. We have not had a single patient who has tried this approach change back. It’s a win-win situation for our residents, their families and those of us serving them.”

Sherri Newman,
Senior Living Community Health Care Coordinator

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