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For Bernice and her family, choosing Consultative Health and Medicine as her care provider was an important part of her move to an assisted living community.

Today, Bernice lives in a tidy apartment decorated with cherished keepsakes and shares meals, activities and companionship with new friends.

Bernice is among a growing population of seniors who have enrolled in health plans that enable them to take advantage of onsite medical care provided by the doctors and nurse practitioners at Consultative Health and Medicine.

A lack of an appetite and repeated hospital visits spurred her family members to suggest a move into assisted living at Diamondcrest at The Wellstead of Rogers. Once there, Dr. Chris Johnson and Certified Nurse Practitioner Nicole Hentges evaluated the medications she was taking and recommended some changes that, over time, improved her health and her quality of life.

“They stayed on top of it to make sure the changes they made were working. It wasn’t just ‘We’ll come back next month and see how you are doing,’” says Bernice’s daughter, Sharon. “It was on a day-to-day basis that the medications were being evaluated.

“Our family truly believes that if she was not at Diamondcrest, she wouldn’t be living,” Sharon says, adding that Consultative Health and Medicine “has made this by far the best experience working with a primary care doctor that we’ve ever had.”

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